‘Lady Victoria’ is a one of a kind sailing yacht that was launched in 1978 under its original name the ‘Kuan Lady Victoria’. She set sail for the first time in December of the same year. ‘Lady Victoria’ is a one off Singapore Clipper with a hull made of Iroko wood and finished off with Teak wood. It was the first wooden sail yacht built in Singapore with aluminium masts. The robust materials and the design of the hull make it ideal to cross the big oceans under all circumstances.

In her younger years the Kuan Lady Victoria was frequently used for long ocean trips. She sailed from Singapore to Canada, crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times, sailed the Caribbean Sea and called at several cities in South-America during this period of time.

Fate struck while the Kuan Lady Victoria was docked in Saint Martin and was struck by hurricane Luis in 1995. Hurricane Luis, a tropical cyclone of 90 kilometres and wind speeds of up to 215 kilometre per hour, was one of the most deadly and destroying hurricanes of the 1995 Atlantic Hurricane season and destroyed 60% of the houses on Saint Martin. The Kuan Lady Victoria was one of the only boats that survived hurricane Luis and was literally lifted out of the water thrown on the embankment.

During one of his holidays,John Fennell, a Dutchman and lover of classic yachts found the Kuan Lady Victoria in a battered state but nevertheless fell for her incredible charm. He decided to single-handedly revive the Kuan Lady Victoria. Lady Victoria¬†sailed to the Azores in 46 days to continue her trip to her current home harbour in Enkhuizen. As of now, it’s hard to imagine Enkhuizen’s port without Lady Victoria.

From her home harbour ‘Lady Victoria’ was not only used for day trips on the Ijsselmeer, but also for crossing the canal to England, trips to Norway and the Gulf of Finland.